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Pollywood Ltd

Changing the face of construction with a new way to use wood

Pollywood Ltd are a British start-up, who aim to change the face of construction. Wood is gaining new advocates in off-site construction. Pollywood's strength and light weight will add a new way to use wood for building.

pollywood logomainThe company are developing the brainchild of Steve Crighton, the founder and Managing Director of Pollywood Ltd. The product is a highly versatile tube, with a strength to weight ratio greater than steel. This exciting new powerful wood composite material is made almost entirely from natural grown products. A patent is being sought for the product and the process of manufacture. The developed product will have a huge range of applications across many sectors of the economy. This will lead to the creation of new quality employment on Teesside, where Pollywood Ltd are based.

Pollywood Ltd was formed in 2011 to develop the concept for a strong wooden tube, which could be used for street signs, street lighting and other applications. The Energy Innovation Centre learned of the potential of Pollywood and invited the Directors to develop a replacement for the creosoted line pole, which is critical to the robustness of the UK electricity network.

A demonstration of the concept was presented to the Innovation Panel of UK power distribution companies at the Energy Innovation Centre. Creosoted poles will soon be banned, because, while a very effective wood preservative when the treatment is applied effectively, creosote is highly toxic and carcinogenic. Our attention is focused on this development, which is being supported by Northern Powergrid who enthusiastically responded to the presentation at the Energy Innovation Centre.


pollywood inventorSteve Crighton – Inventor and Managing Director
Steve has worked in all sectors of the wood industry and comes from a family steeped in the industry for many generations. This has given him the opportunity to understand all the technical aspects of wood and its potential end uses. In addition to running his own previous businesses, Steve has a track record of innovating for former employers. His excellent people skills have enabled him to develop strong relationship selling and marketing skills and a passion for understanding and meeting client needs.

Quentin Kopp – Chairman
Quentin’s experience is in leading businesses and creating strong teams with empowered and innovative cultures, which deliver superior results for all stakeholders. After leading large subsidiary companies of a FTSE 100 B to B manufacturing business, Quentin worked as an independent consultant internationally with large manufacturing Plcs and a variety of SMEs from start up to established and successful. In addition, Quentin lectured and supervised Masters’ students at Warwick Manufacturing Group at Warwick University for over 20 years. Quentin is determined to create good quality manufacturing jobs on Teesside.

Richard Brough – Development Manager
Richard’s career has the common thread of solving problems, whether in engineering roles, for financial services companies or industrial services companies. This led to Richard choosing to take a mid-career break in order to add structure to his skills by graduating as a mature student with a B.Eng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering. Richard also has professional accreditation, as is a member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers. This varied background and flexible approach to problem solving supported by his formal studies, has made Richard an ideal member of the Pollywood team.