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    Air Quality Case Study Collection 2020 - read digital edition

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    Futurebuild 2020

    The built environment industry can influence the resilience, sustainability and quality of homes, buildings and elements of infrastructure and cities. Registration has opened for Futurebuild 2020 with a call to industry to act now if we are to successfully tackle the challenges facing us all. By joining the event from 03 to 05 March at ExCeL London, visitors will be able to unite with industry innovators to tackle climate change and become the catalyst for change that's so greatly needed.

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    UK's largest housebuilder announces new science-based carbon reduction targets

    The country's largest housebuilder, Barratt Developments, says it has become the first housebuilder to announce new science-based targets for reducing carbon emissions. It claims the targets are in line with efforts to limit global warming to 1.5oC, needed to mitigate the worst impacts of climate change.

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    Air Quality Monitoring (AQM) and Analytics in Buildings

    The Fabriq OS platform automatically imports data from a wide range of air quality and environmental sensors, which can be flexibly installed in almost any environment directly by the occupant or the building manager.

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Tuesday, 01 October 2019 11:54

Grass verge harvesting for AD energy plants wins business award

A Lincolnshire manufacturer best known for designing and manufacturing vegetable harvesting equipment has won a prestigious business award for its diversification into a new market of grass clippings to energy generation.

Scotts Precision Manufacturing's range of potato toppers has sold in record numbers this year, as has its Evolution Separator, which removes soil, haulm and clods from harvested potatoes. But it was its latest invention - the Vergenair - that, last week, won Best New Product / Innovation in this year's East Lindsey Business Awards.

Scotts Vergenair

Commissioned by Lincolnshire County Council as part of a pilot project to assess the feasibility of harvesting grass clippings for use in AD plants, the Vergenair was conceived and built in just six months.

Scotts has designed the Vergenair in such a way that it can be easily connected to a conventional tractor. A large front-mounted boom mower cuts the grass, with the clippings sucked into a trailer by a powerful centrifugal fan. Scotts has designed the Vergenair so that it works with a demountable, two trailer system. This allows the operator to fill a second trailer, while the full one is delivering the grass clippings to the AD plant for converting into electricity.

The judges felt that Scotts had demonstrated an original and innovative approach to solving from scratch a challenge that was both affordable and versatile. Working to a tight timescale, they turned theory into practice to develop a solution that is both of benefit to the environment and has strong commercial potential.

"This project has been amazing to work on," says Derek Scott, managing director of Scotts Precision Manufacturing. "It was a tough challenge with no time for mistakes, but the feeling of satisfaction when we cracked it was brilliant.

Scotts Precision Manufacturing were the winners of Best New Product or Innovation - sponsored by LJ Fairburn  Son2"The idea that Nick Cheffin and Lincolnshire County Council came up with was so simple but turning it into a reality took a lot of hard work, but we did it. The verge harvester has attracted a lot of interest with several other local authorities investigating its potential. The machine has featured on national TV, with Countryside coming down to see us, and now, to be recognised in our home county is simply fantastic. I need to thank all of the team at Scotts who worked so hard to bring the idea to life."

Scotts Precision Manufacturing has recently celebrated its 25th year in business. The company has sold out of its market-leading range of toppers and has sold 70 of its Evolution Separators to growers across the UK, Europe and North and South America. The increase in demand has led Scotts to seek support from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Lindsey Action Zone LEADER Fund, to undertake a £275,000, 6,000 square feet expansion of its Lincolnshire factory. Building work will be completed next month, and four new members of the team have been recruited including two apprentices, allowing the Scotts to increase production output for 2020.

For more information about Scotts and the Vergenair, visit or call 01205 270 128.