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LED Eco Lights

Environment Times is raising money for the homeless this winter by creating a 'virtual ecohouse'. LED Eco Lights is one of the donors. They write: Since LED Eco Lights was founded in 2006, we have rapidly become the UK's leading experts in retrofit LED technology. Our Goodlight™ LED lamps are widely recognised as amongst the most reliable, consistently bright retrofit LED lamps on the market. Over the last nine years, we have continually developed our award-winning product range to include LED luminaires, providing a comprehensive range of LED solutions for commercial, industrial, amenity, leisure and hospitality environments.

v ecohouse led ecolight1In client testing, time and time again Goodlight™ LEDs have won out over other products in design, build quality, performance, efficiency and value. More and more customers are turning to us to provide LED lighting solutions for their entire property portfolios.

We have helped all kinds of organisations light their premises more efficiently, from blue chip companies and SME businesses to local authority, NHS and public sector organisations. We passionately support our clients in savings tonnes of CO2, and hundreds of thousands of pounds from their electricity bills, plus reducing lighting maintenance overheads. Visit our Projects Gallery to see the breadth of our expertise.

Our technical experts can guide you through every stage of the upgrade process, including organising funding solutions, and helping you choose the right products for your estates. Our team of engineers and designers works tirelessly to develop easy solutions like our range of 'plug-in' LED replacements. Innovation is at the heart of what we do. We are continually introducing new lamp types to deliver the most comprehensive retrofit LED lighting range available.

Our raison d'être is the production and supply of reliable LED lamps and luminaires. We work very closely with our customers and, invariably, we are able to offer project design, controllable fittings, installation and funding options within a full service solution.We hold large volumes of stock here in the UK so that we can deliver your order on a next day basis for most stock items. With rapid turnaround available from our production bases, we can manufacture to order, and even adjust specifications to suit your needs.

v ecohouse led ecolight2With an enviable client list and a host of lighting projects nationwide, we can direct you to a Goodlight™ installation within most major towns and cities in the UK so you can see our products in action for yourself! Find out more about our exciting new range of vintage-style decorative LED filament bulbs – – designed to recreate the nostalgia of a bygone era. Call us today - you have nothing to lose but your carbon footprint.

Lighting produces approximately 20% of the world's carbon emissions. Traditional lamps (such as SON, fluorescent and filament) have remained virtually unchanged for the best part of a century and they reflect a bygone age when chemical pollution and energy efficiency weren't concerns.

Today we need to combat ever-increasing energy prices, cut costs and meet carbon reduction targets. Are you looking for ways to reduce your energy consumption? The simplest step to take on the road to a more energy efficient building, is to switch to LED lighting.

The simplest solution
Lighting typically accounts for around 25% of a building's energy usage, roughly 9 million tonnes of carbon a year in the UK alone. You can dramatically reduce this consumption, with minimal disruption to your operation through our Retrofit+ LED solutions. With Goodlight™, it's as easy as changing a lightbulb.

We have designed Goodlight™ LEDs to fit seamlessly into your existing lighting system - they produce the same quality of light as your current lamps, but use up to 85% less energy. They also require approximately 90% less maintenance over their lifespans, which are 5-10 times that of gas or filament-based lamps.

v ecohouse led ecolight4Buy now, save forever
It can be difficult to convince investors and managers that a large investment in your lighting system today will save your company a fortune in the long run. It's reassuring to note that most of our lamps will pay for themselves in energy savings within 10 months!

Effective illumination with efficiency should not be a luxury, it should be a standard we all strive for. We create easy solutions to meet diverse requirements. We have lamp or luminaire solutions for commercial, industrial, amenity and leisure applications.

Goodlight™lamps are installed into education, health, leisure and civic buildings helping central and local government agencies to drive carbon-cutting programmes. Our lamps are used in data centres, labs, production plants, warehousing and engineering - where lighting is in use 24 hours a day - there is no better option. Goodlight™ solutions are being installed into offices and retail stores as you read this, with several national projects on-the-go at any one time.

Spread the cost
As a premium, accredited Carbon Trust Scheme supplier, backed by Seimens Financial, we can offer flexible financing for your Goodlight™ LED upgrade.

This now applies to both public and private sector, small or large-scale.