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Finnish Environment Institute takes delivery of a CTG ALGAE-Wader Pro system

"The Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, has taken delivery of a CTG ALGAE-Wader Pro system, as part of the programme 'Far Out! – Pupils as Environmental Scientists'," announced Jari Silander, Senior Researcher at SYKE.

chelsea 53 finnishThe CTG ALGAE-Wader Pro system, which is an easy to use portable in situ algae monitor providing data on Chlorophyll a and other algae based pigments, is being used to augment current practises of taking samples for laboratory analysis.

All data from the CTG TriLux sensor provided with the system is clearly displayed in real time on the Hawk hand held unit and recorded. The Hawk records both the time and position of the data via an in-built GPS. A RAG (Red, Amber, Green) alarm system can be set up to clearly indicate algae levels of concern.

The Far Out! Project aims to develop multidisciplinary learning models via environmental research projects in which pupils use different technological instruments and measurements as part of the research processes. Schools in several Finnish municipalities arrange outdoor training sessions which include elements of gamification and provide pupils with monitoring equipment obtained under the program.

Training includes theory covering quality control and certification of the measurements and the use, calibration and maintenance of equipment.